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Events List

Event Date Location Boats Link to More Information
Lock Open Day 4th Mar 18 Parkhead Swift
Clean Up Day 24th Mar 18 Icknield Port Scorpio, Swift, Leo, Nansen II
Heritage Weekend 31st Mar 18 to 2nd Apr 18 Stourport Scorpio
Urban Safari 6th Apr 18 Roundhouse, Birmingham Swift
Drifter's Open Day 15th Apr 18 Coventry Basin Swift
Tug Event 28th Apr 18 to 29th Apr 18 Black Country Living Museum Nansen II
School Days 30th Apr 18 to 4th May 18 Hatton Swift
Salt Run 6th May 18 Gloucester\Droitwich Scorpio
St. Richard's Canal Festival 6th May 18 to 7th May 18 Droitwich Scorpio
Family Days & School Days 19th May 18 to 20th May 18 Fradley Swift
Family Days & School Days 23rd May 18 to 24th May 18 Fradley Swift
Schools Week 6th Jun 18 to 8th Jun 18 Foxton Swift
Schools Week 11th Jun 18 to 12th Jun 18 Foxton Swift
Foxton Locks Festival 16th Jun 18 to 17th Jun 18 Foxton Swift
Summer Canal Festival 23rd Jun 18 to 24th Jun 18 Leamington Swift
River Festival 30th Jun 18 to 1st Jul 18 Stratford Upon Avon Swift
Galton Valley 14th Jul 18 Galton Valley Scorpio
Ashwood Gardens 14th Jul 18 Ashwood Garden Centre Swift
Festival of Transport 28th Jul 18 to 29th Jul 18 Audlem Scorpio, Leo
Ladywod community Day 28th Jul 18 Roundhouse Birmingham Swift
Urban Safari 20th Aug 18 to 24th Aug 18 Roundhouse Birmingham Leo, Nansen II
Family Festival 1st Sep 18 to 2nd Sep 18 Shackerstone Swift
Heritage Week 6th Sep 18 to 9th Sep 18 Roundhouse, Birmingham Leo, Nansen II
Urban Safari 8th Sep 18 to 9th Sep 18 Roundhouse, Birmingham Scorpio, Leo, Nansen II
Heritage weekend 8th Sep 18 to 9th Sep 18 Coventry Basin Swift
Parkhead 22nd Sep 18 to 23rd Sep 18 Parkhead
Open Weekend 20th Oct 18 to 21st Oct 18 Stourbridge Bonded Warehouse Scorpio, Leo
Canal & River Trust